Ultra Towns

Ultra Towns


City Park Homes, a distinguished builder of excellence, introduces new vitality into urban pockets of established communities throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We build high-quality infill communities that blend harmoniously with the present while also revitalizing and transforming neighbourhoods for the future. Our custom homes enhance the existing fabric of an urban area by adding new energy and joyous vibrancy. We do not build step and repeat homes. Instead, we focus on building an intimate community of expertly crafted homes that have been custom designed for each location.

At City Park Homes, we purchase the land, develop the masterplan most suitable for the site, work in close conjunction with the municipality or township to reflect their goals, and create highly desirable new neighbourhoods that become beacons of true sophistication and glamorous appeal. Each area is unique so each City Park Homes site has its own individual look, feel and design.


Owning an Ultra Towns home is about more than just the sum of its parts, the sum of the height, width and depth. Ultra Towns are about a lifestyle. One where intimacy supercedes enormity, where the personal outstrips the palatial – Where privacy meets space – Where escape meets connectivity. Ultra Towns is a place of great uniqueness, a place where community will be regenerated and revitalized, where a once-tiny village grows up and out, reinvented for the 21st century.

Ultra Towns are designed for the affluent, those seeking to live in a community that embodies who they are and what they’ve achieved. They are crafted for those who desire a highly sophisticated community of like-minded individuals, and for those who appreciate the rarity of nonconformity.