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Community Spotlight: Mississauga

Toronto has had a notable global reputation for many years. It has been home to many popular films and TV shows, an incredible variety of restaurants, and plenty of world-renowned sights to see. In fact, it’s even been listed as one of the “top 25 best cities across the globe to live and work in for 2023and within Forbes’ Ten Best Cities To Live In Around The World 2022.


And the perks don’t stop there. Cities within the Greater Toronto Area also boast many benefits, with unique attractions and incredible benefits for those not only visiting but also choosing to live there. The highlight of this community spotlight is one such city – Mississauga.


So let’s get into the top 3 reasons you should choose Mississauga as your next home in 2023.


1) There are LOT of ways to enjoy nature

Mississauga is a major city in Ontario. There are plenty of highways, high-rises, and buildings lining its horizon (including the famous “Marilyn Monroe” skyscrapers). But what Mississauga also has plenty of are parks. In fact, according to the City of Mississauga, there are over 500 parks in the city, ranging from “small green spaces to large destination parks.” Some of the best ones to discover are the Jack Darling Memorial Park (where you can sit right by Lake Ontario), Rattray Park (which showcases incredible biodiversity), and Erindale Park.


2) The entertainment and food scene is fantastic

There is no shortage of entertainment, amenities, and delicious food in the city. In fact, Time Out compiled a list of “12 Magnificent Things to do in Mississauga,” including spending the day at the massive arcade “Playdium,” the popular Square-One shopping center, and the Small Arms Inspection Building that highlights many important and notable exhibitions. Beyond that, no matter what cuisine you’re looking for – there is a near guarantee that Mississauga has it. From Chinese, Indian, Halal, Japanese, Korean, Italian and beyond, there are lists upon lists that detail the must-try restaurants and cafes in the city. So, if you love food, that is reason enough to like Mississauga.


3) It is a walkable city AND has easy access to transit

With a walkability score of 49, Mississauga is actually ranked as “Canada’s fifth most walkable large city.” That not only means more convenience for you but also helps play a significant role in the reduction of climate change as it also means less reliance on cars to get you where you need to go. Despite that, the city still makes it incredibly easy to commute to where you need to. There are 9 GO Transit rail routes catering to Mississauga stations, as well as access to the city’s own transit system (MiWay), proximity to major highways (401, 403, and the QEW), and hosts the country’s largest airport (Pearson International). So whether you’re travelling for work, down the block for groceries, or internationally, Mississauga’s idyllic infrastructure makes it a breeze.


With that, we’re certain you can see why Mississauga continues to shine as a must-see city and an attractive spot for future home-buyers in Toronto (and the country)! Want to discuss this amazing community some more? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 905-552-5200 or

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