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Must-have Tools for First-Time Home Buyers

Becoming a homeowner comes with responsibilities and tasks, including maintenance. When you have your own home, you realize how important a well-stocked tool kit is. By having the right essentials in your toolbox, you can do the simple repairs yourself and save some money.

With our help, discover must-have tools for every first-time home buyer.

Tape Measure or Laser Distance Measure

Once you become a homeowner, you will realize that tape measure or its more sophisticated sister – laser distance measure – are your best friends. Before purchasing any furniture or even decor, it is crucial to understand the layout of things. Otherwise, you may end up in an unpleasant situation where something doesn’t fit, or the room has a cramped feeling.

Although most phones nowadays have a built-in measure tool, we suggest sticking with old-school methods. The accuracy of phone tape measures is around 95%, which is not ideal if you need to be really precise.

Manual Screwdriver Set

Are you really a homeowner if you don’t own a manual screwdriver set? In any household, it is typically one of the most used tools. It comes in handy whether you need to tighten cabinet knobs, assemble new furniture, remove light switch covers, or do any other tasks.

Unless you have specific needs, it is best to opt for a package that includes different blade tips and sizes.


Putting up artwork, mirrors, or shelves doesn’t take much effort. Still, many make the mistake of arranging them poorly. To avoid this, your toolbox should have a laser level. On the market, you will find different options for all budgets.

The simple bubble level vial, which usually has two sets of lines, will do just fine when starting out. Those who don’t mind a splurge or want to perfect their toolbox can invest in a Torpedo (for small jobs like hanging pictures) or a Bull’s Eye Level (for levelling a piece of furniture).


Another tool that should be on your checklist is a 16-ounce smooth-faced claw hammer. Thanks to its angled claw, it is great for driving nails into surfaces and pulling them out. Make sure to opt for a model with a comfortable handle, which reduces shock.

For smaller items, a 12-ounce claw hammer is also an excellent option. Whether you need to hang up pictures or anything else, you won’t have to worry about putting a hole in the wall with this tool.

Duct Tape

The beauty of duct tape is that it can fix almost everything – from sealing holes to holding objects together. The only confusing part – there are more than 8 types of duct tape. How can you know which one do you need? Generally, you can’t go wrong by choosing general-purpose duct tape with a low fabric count. It works great for odd jobs where long service life isn’t necessary.

Professional-grade duct tape will be a great choice if you need more strength and durability tape.

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