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Ontario Publishes Housing Affordability Task Force

Finding a home for you and your family in the Greater Toronto Area is not as easy as it once was.

High interest and low supply have caused extremely tight market conditions and affordability issues. If you are a hopeful buyer, it can be tough to begin your home search now knowing the realities of the current market. The uncertainties of buying a new house when so few houses are available can add stress to an already tense situation.

The good news is that the provincial government is working to address these supply issues – A Housing Affordability Task Force report published recently is looking at different solutions to fix the housing supply crisis.

The report states that ideally the city should add 1.5 million homes to the market over the next 10 years, by implementing different recommendations.

Five key recommendations

The first recommendation is to make changes to planning policies and zoning to allow for greater density and increase the variety of housing. It’s also recommended to reduce and streamline urban design rules to lower costs of development, and depoliticize the approvals process to cut red tape to speed up housing. Also recommended is preventing abuse of the appeal process and addressing the backlog at the Ontario Land Tribunal by prioritizing cases and increasing housing, and aligning efforts between all levels of government to incentivize housing.

Developable land in Ontario is diminishing so it’s time to explore options such as increasing building height and density in neighbourhoods. This makes it easier for property owners to add secondary suites and turn commercial units for residential use.

Looking to purchase a home this year?

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